About Christine

I am a senior educator, writer, editor and expert user of Microsoft Word. 

After 25 years as a technical, business and education writer, I can write just about anything, accurately and to a time deadline. My writing style is simple and fast. My documents are well designed and accessible. My materials encourage readers to read and learners to learn. 

As an editor I fix documents that just don't work and make poorly presented documents look good.

As an educator, I empower learners to become independent learners who leave my instruction with confidence in their own abilities to keep learning.

You can see my books at http://www.lulu.com/christinekent and read my Word tips and tricks at http://christinekent.blogspot.com/

My recent exploration has involved the production of my own cookbook on superfoods and forays into the wilderness of internet publishing and marketing to see if I can work out how to sell my own books without the help of a publisher. You can see them here http://www.christine-margaret.com/

I have also done considerable research into how to present educational materials in a digital format, what digital products to embrace under what circumstances, what we should and shouldn't be expecting of digital products, when to walk away from on-line delivery back to print - or dare I say it, back to ... wait till I gather my strength to say it... uh, here I go... human contact! There, I said it.

Specialties: I specialise in quirky or off the wall tasks that require lateral thinking and creativity. I solve problems.

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