VET Sector Course Design and Development

In recent years I have specialised in writing, editing and proofreading a vast array of VET sector course materials. These have been produced for two principal curriculum areas:
  1. BSB07 - Business Services Training Package
  2. SIT07/SIT12 - Tourism, Travel and Hospitality Training Packages
Design for these materials has gone through many changes in the last few years and now involves the following learning, assessment and teaching resources. I can develop some or all of these as required.
  1. Underpinning knowledge in the form of mini-texts written at a modular level
  2. A variety of student activity types including case studies
  3. Blended learning across print and digital, enabling both classroom and remote delivery
  4. Formative and summative assessment including skills checks and memory checks
  5. Qualitative and quantitative assessment
  6. Instructor guides 
  7. Social media such as wikis, blogs and chat
When designing teaching materials I take into account that they must:
  1. be produced at unit or skill-set level to enable mix and match between courses
  2. be totally up to date both in terms of the industry skills they are training and the relevant curriculum specifications
  3. motivate students to successful completion
  4. be deliverable via LMS
  5. be suitable to support institutions to pass audit
  6. be cost effective to deliver
  7. use digital delivery where applicable
I am happy to talk to you about your requirements and present a proposal.