Editing and Proofreading

Do you need someone to help you put the finishing touches on your documents?

There are three levels of editing that a piece of work might need:

This is the simplest level and applies to any well-written document. A fresh pair of eyes is needed to fix any remaining typos and just make sure everything is working as it should. The proofreader only scans the text.

Light Editing or Copy Editing
At this level, the editor reads the text for "sense", and corrects poor expression and minor organisational problems. 

Deep Editing or Re-writing
At this level, the editor does all of the above and may need to suggest and potentially make significant changes to the organisation of the text and the writing.  This is close to re-writing.

As it takes the editor more time to do a deeper edit, the pricing varies. For the prices quoted below a standard page is 250 words.  

Proofreading: AUD $3.20 per page
Copy Editing: AUD $4.20 per page
Re-writing:     AUD $7.50 - $10.50 per page

These re-writing rates are for long documents and do not take into account the research time that may be necessary to re-write short documents. Short documents will be charged at an hourly rate.