Document layout and presentation

Are you struggling to format your Microsoft Word document?

Very often we have the content of a document just the way we want it.  It has been edited and proofread, but still just does not look good.

It takes an eye for layout and an intimate knowledge of Word to get a document to look good and entice its reader to read.

If your document in complete in every other way, and you want someone to make it look good, sort out your bullets and numbering, perhaps add company logos to the header, perhaps include company colours, you can send the document to me and I will do the rest.

I can take your document and put it onto a simple, effective template so that it looks good and behaves itself (as much as that is possible with Word documents).

The template will be yours to use again.

If you are using features that always cause problems, I will send you written instructions on setting up your own computer so that those features are reliable on your particular computer.

My charges are as follows, but feel free to contact me for a quote if you have large or multiple documents to be done.

First page and template design: AUD $57.50
Each subsequent page: AUD $8.50