Business and Technical Writing

Do you need someone to write your business or technical documents for you?

Whatever your business need, I can help you produce an efficient document that communicates with your reader. Documents I can help you with include:
  • business plans
  • tendering documents
  • organisational policies and procedures
  • end-user documentation for IT systems or business process change
  • product manuals
These documents can be produced as:
  • print
  • on-line help
  • ebooks of various types

The business writing process
There are some key skills with business writing that are not about spelling and punctuation. Of course, spelling and punctuation matter and must be right but they are not enough.

90% of a writer's work is research and analysis to ensure the subject matter is correct, and design to ensure that the information is communicated well. Writing is the last 10%.

A business document must be:
  • well structured: information in the correct sequence.
  • scannable: readers able to find what interests them
  • efficient: no excess language
  • unambiguous: leave nothing open to interpretation
  • complete: no omissions
  • accurate: no contradictions
After many years writing and editing for business, these are second nature to me.

Rates vary according to degree of complexity. Writing 'common sense' subject matter from good source materials and  will cost much less than a document that requires significant research of highly technical subject matter.  I have given some idea of rates below, but please note that I will quote you a rate based on your particular writing task. These rates are guidelines only.

Complexity of material
Work output
Simple output from good source materials
8 x 250 word pages per day
per day
$62.50 per page
$0.25c per word
Complex technical output from complex or poor source materials
4 x 250 word pages per day
 per day
$125.00 per page
$0.50c per word